I'm Kristin! A short & curvy girl seeking clothes that fit. Originally from the South, I'm now taking on NYC! My blog is dedicated to providing style and fit guides for petite-pear shaped women.



Shopping for clothes can be difficult, but if you know a few of your body measurements, it's much easier to find clothes will fit you (especially when shopping online). So I'm sharing my guide for taking your own body measurements for clothing. The good news is you can take them all by yourself in probably less than 5 minutes. Before you start, be sure to grab a flexible measuring tape!

My video and photo guides below will show you how to measure the following parts of your body: Bust, Waist, Hips, and Inseam. These are the most common measurements you will see on retailers' size charts online. 



1. BUST  - To get this measurement, you will need to measure the fullest part of your bust. Start by placing one end of the measuring tape on the fullest part of your bust and wrap it all the way around your chest to find the circumference.  


2. WAIST -  This measurement can be a little tricky because instead of measuring where your pants sit, you want to measure your true waist.  Your true waist is  between your ribs and belly button. Generally, it is the narrowest part of the body. Use the measuring tape to get the circumference of your waist. 


3. HIPS - Before you start taking this measurement, it might help to stand in front of a mirror. In order to get your hip circumference, you need to place the measuring tape on the widest part of your buttocks. (See the image below).  Then wrap the measuring tape all the way around your hips. I found it easiest to hold the measuring tape in front.


4. INSEAM  -  Ok so this one you can't do on your own, unless you take this shortcut. Find a pair of pants in your closet that you love how they fit from a length perspective. You can find your inseam length in a couple easy steps. First, lay the pants on a flat surface. Then place one end of the measuring tape below the seam where the pant legs are sewn together. Next continue following the inside seam of the pant leg with the measuring tape. (See image below)



Continue measuring down the full length of the pant inseam until you reach the bottom hem.


Finally, take note of where the measuring tape hits the bottom hem of the pants and record it so you don't forget! 



Body Measurements:

Height = 5' 2''

Bust = 34''

Waist = 29.5''

Hips = 40.5''

Inseam = 28''


Happy shopping! I hope this makes your shopping experience a little bit easier!