• Height = 5’ 2’’

  • Bust = 33’’

  • Waist = 28’’

  • Stomach = 31’’

  • Hip = 40’’

  • Thigh = 22’’

  • Calf = 12.25’’

  • Inseam = 27’’

  • Bicep = 9.5’’

  • High Point of Shoulder to Bust = 10’’

  • High Point of Shoulder to Waist = 15.5’’

  • High Point of Shoulder to Knee = 33’’


Generally, I wear a Size 6 Petite or Small in most brands. Sometimes I can also fit into a Size 4 Petite, which I’ve been finding is the case lately since I have lost some weight. When it comes to swimwear, I’m always a small top and medium bottom (such a pear). For bras, I’m generally a 34A or 32B.


I think you already know :) what my body type is from my blog title, but I wanted to share a more in depth explanation about what a pear-shaped body type is. Pear shaped women have hips that are wider than their bust. Additionally, their waist is normally the narrowest part of their body. This definition fits me to a T! One other thing I’d like to add is that I have a really short torso so it makes buying tops more challenging for me.