Kristin Ulmer

Ever since I was in middle school, I have been in love with fashion. It all started when my mom got me a subscription to Teen Vogue.  My love for fashion was blind because it began before I even knew what a body type was. During high school I became very aware of my body type. I was petite, coming in at 5 feet 2 inches; and I was pear shaped, blessed with a curvaceous bottom half. In short, my figure did not exactly make it easy for me to fit into the latest trends I saw in my beloved Teen Vogue magazine. If you ask my mom, she will tell you that there were many shopping trips that ended in frustration and tears, and me wishing for a stick-thin boyish figure so I could wear Abercrombie jeans like the rest of the girls at school. She would try to brush off the importance of fashion and told me that “clothes are just made for skinny, tall people.” 

As frustrating as fashion can be from a fit perspective, I can never surrender my love of fashion because it is my source of self-expression and inspiration. I don’t want to sit out, and completely ignore fashion and think it’s only made for a certain body type. In the past, I have often felt relegated to a boring wardrobe due to my petite pear figure.  It’s so easy for me to get in a rut of wearing the same clothes because I know those styles work and I don’t have to try on 50 million outfits only to get my heart crushed that I don’t fit into the latest trend.

Shopping for clothes is exhausting. In an effort to make the process easier for all my readers, I share clothing fit reviews and styling tips on a monthly basis. I hope my fashion advice can simplify your shopping experience so you are ready with the knowledge of what will most likely fit before you head to the store or shop online.

Outside of The Petite Pear Project, I'm continuing to find ways to take the guesswork out of shopping for women. My latest fashion venture is LNO Studio, a size inclusive, womenswear brand that custom makes modern wardrobe essentials to your measurements. If you’re interested in following along on this journey, I invite you to join our email list!