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Recently, I’ve started writing more clothing fit review posts on my blog. The main reason I started doing this is because I think it’s one way I can best serve you ladies. Personally, I find shopping to be an exhausting and demoralizing process so my goal is to spare you from it as much as possible. By trying on clothes and exposing you to new petite brands, my goal is to save you from hours in the dressing room and increase the chance you’ll find a piece you love without ordering from every brand under the sun.

In writing this post I realized, “ Man…It’s hard out there for petite girl to find a sheath dress that falls above your knees.” Generally, when I buy other styles of dresses in a petite size the length is fine so I was actually surprised to have this issue. However, I think it’s just the style of sheath dress most brands sell. Most seemed to be more on the conservative side from a length perspective, which is great for individuals with that fit preference, but leaves the rest of us having to always get dressed hemmed. 

Keep on reading for my favorite sheath dress options for petite pears! 


Reformation is a brand that can be very hit or miss me. Sometimes styles fit very well and other times don’t seem to be cut for my body. Over the past couple times I’ve shopped, I find that I have the best luck with their dresses and tops. Recently I had the chance to visit their store and check out their latest pieces - keep reading for the full reviews of everything I tried on.


Similar to eShakti, Sumissura offers clothing that’s made to your measurements. I wanted to give them a try and see if it was better than what I’d find in the petite section. The process was pretty simple, I picked out the style of dress and fabric I wanted. Then they asked me to input several measurements and my dress arrived a few weeks later.


While Outdoor Voices uses plus models such as,  Barbie Ferreira and Lena Dunham is known to wear the brand, I still couldn’t help but wonder is Outdoor Voices curve friendly? In some ways I think no because don’t offer plus sizes (hopefully they will in the future!), but in some ways in think yes. My initial experience with the brand was kind of meh. While many people I know rave about the brand, when I first tried on their famous tri-colored Springs leggings I was not in love. They are made out this fabric that is a little stiff and in my opinion kind of itchy so I wasn’t totally sold the way everyone else was. I definitely had to do somewhat of dance to get the leggings on period. However, this was about two years ago so recently I decided to give them another chance since they have been releasing some new products recently.


I'm so happy that Everlane finally opened up a store in NYC! Now I no longer have to deal with the hassle of buying online and then returning things later. In light of their store opening, I decided to write a fit review for their most recent product launches: denim shorts, $100 wrap dresses and white denim pants. Some of my readers asked for me to show pictures of me wearing the items in addition to writing reviews, so I'm excited to share in this post that I'm doing just that. (Always feel free to send suggestions because it helps me improve my website!)


If I could only wear one piece of clothing for the rest of my life, it would be a dress. Since I'm petite and curvy, I struggle to find pants that actually fit me! Therefore, dresses have become my best friend because I can throw one on and instantly feel comfortable. In honor of my favorite piece of clothing, I'm sharing my 10 favorite dress silhouettes for my body type.