I'm Kristin! A short & curvy girl seeking clothes that fit. Originally from the South, I'm now taking on NYC! My blog is dedicated to providing style and fit guides for petite-pear shaped women.




Style Cliff Notes

Jacket - Levi’s (link to similar)

Tee - Forever 21

Jeans - American Eagle

Shoes - Converse

Purse - Forever 21 (link to similar)

Sunglasses - Topshop (link to similar)


Extended Style Notes

Levi’s Boyfriend Denim Jacket - Size S

What I loved…

  • Not too boxy - I cannot tell you how excited I was when I found this jean jacket. I’ve been on the hunt for a very long time to find a slightly oversized denim jacket. Generally when I have tried them on before they all looked too boxy for my frame. Although this jacket is not a petite size, it doesn’t feel to oversized.

  • Fit - This jacket fit well in the shoulder area, which is a make or break criteria for me when it comes to buying a jacket. If a jacket doesn’t fit quite right in the shoulders (i.e. too tight or too big) then for me it’s not worth buying because I know the fit issue will only bother me the more I wear it down the line.


What could be better..

  • Sleeves slightly too long - The only thing I wish I could tweak slightly about this jacket is the sleeve length. It’s not to noticeable, but I would prefer if they were just a tiny bit shorter. (Sleeve length = 30’’)


Garment measurements:

Bust = 36''

Center body = 23.25''

Center back = 22.25''

Shoulder width = 14.5''

Sleeve length = 30''


Forever 21 T-shirt - Size S

What I loved…

  • Side slits - They really should make more T-shirts with side slits because this style feature is amazing for my girls with curvy hips. The side slits keep the shirt from hugging to tightly around your hips, which I appreciate so much.

  • Color - Lately I have been into neutral based colors. I think this mauve color is unique, but very wearable at the same time because it pair back nicely to black, gray and blue.


Garment measurements:

Center front = 24.25''

Bust = 39''

Center back = 25.5''


American Eagle Hi Rise Jeggings - Size 6 Short

What I loved…

  • High Rise - By now I’m sure you all know how much I love high rise pants! Since I have a pear-shaped figure and my waist is much narrower than my hips, usually once I find a pair of jeans that fits my hips/butt then they are too big in the waist. Wearing high rise jeans totally solves that problem that I normally encounter with mid/low rise jeans because they sit snuggly on my waist and don’t slide down.


What could be better…

  • Color - I would love the jeans even more if they were a darker shade of black. They have a more faded look to them than I would like, but the fit is amazIng so I bought them.


Garment measurements:

Waist = 27.5’’

Front Rise = 10’’

Inseam = 27’’