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Since I live in NYC, its safe to say that I’m not the most outdoors-y person. However, that doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy the occasional hike and weekend getaway from the city. One of my favorite day trips I’ve taken was last fall with my sister when we went to hike Breakneck Ridge (in upstate New York). It was a wayyy more intense hike than I thought it would be, but the views were amazing and worth the effort. For the hike I just wore some fleece-lined leggings. 

However, recently I had a reader reach out about where to buy hiking pants that are pear-friendly! I realized that was a good question. I had no idea since I just wore leggings in the past whenever I went hiking. So I ordered hiking pants from all the major brands I could think of: L.L. Bean, REI, Eddie Bauer, etc. to find out which pants would work best for my body type! The good news is a lot of these brands offer petite sizes! Keep on reading to find out which styles I recommend :)