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A close friend suggested that I write this post and to be honest I’ve put off writing this post for awhile because I wasn’t sure entirely where to start. However, after a recent conversation with a former colleague, I realized the importance of sharing this story. My goal in telling it is not to glorify my actions. Whatever I write will just be my summary and interpretation of the events since it’s impossible to capture every detail of what happened. My hope is that you will simply treat is as a story, not guidance on how to live your life. 

At the beginning of June last year, I woke up on Monday with no where to truly be. I didn’t have work because I’d quit my job. I never thought this would be me. The thought of messing up my perfect resume terrified me. The thought of not having all the answers terrified me. Yet here I was the girl who always had her sh*t together, suddenly didn’t have her sh*t together. 

I didn’t quit my job because I had an amazing plan lined up. I quit because I had no idea what to do with my life. My entire adult life, I’d always known my plan - be an entrepreneur. It was never a goal that I questioned, but suddenly what used to motivate me was something I wanted to escape from. I wanted all that pressure I was putting on myself to disappear.