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Recently, I’ve started writing more clothing fit review posts on my blog. The main reason I started doing this is because I think it’s one way I can best serve you ladies. Personally, I find shopping to be an exhausting and demoralizing process so my goal is to spare you from it as much as possible. By trying on clothes and exposing you to new petite brands, my goal is to save you from hours in the dressing room and increase the chance you’ll find a piece you love without ordering from every brand under the sun.

In writing this post I realized, “ Man…It’s hard out there for petite girl to find a sheath dress that falls above your knees.” Generally, when I buy other styles of dresses in a petite size the length is fine so I was actually surprised to have this issue. However, I think it’s just the style of sheath dress most brands sell. Most seemed to be more on the conservative side from a length perspective, which is great for individuals with that fit preference, but leaves the rest of us having to always get dressed hemmed. 

Keep on reading for my favorite sheath dress options for petite pears!