I'm Kristin! A short & curvy girl seeking clothes that fit. Originally from the South, I'm now taking on NYC! My blog is dedicated to providing style and fit guides for petite-pear shaped women.



Today marks the day that LNO STUDIO’s crowdfunding campaign starts! For those of you who are just hearing about LNO STUDIO for the first time, we’re a size-inclusive, made to measure womenswear brand offering modern wardrobe essentials. The first product we are working to launch is dress pants!

So what the heck does made to measure mean anyways?

It means that a garment is custom made to fit the measurements of an individual.

Sounds pretty amazing right?! I think so too! 

When I first started working on the idea of starting a made to measure brand, I spent tons of time testing out the fit process. Not only did I test out having custom garments made for myself, but I also had friends and family be product testers so I could educate myself as much as possible about the process. 

I remember when I opened up the package of the second pair of pants I ever had made for me and put them on — they fit like a glove. (They’re the ones I’m wearing below.) It was such a departure from my usual experience shopping for pants. Most of the time I shop for pants I just end up frustrated; and I notice all the parts of a ready-to-wear or off-the-rack garment that don’t fit me as I’d like. 

As I’ve mentioned in prior blog posts, shopping often feels like a reminder of everything the fashion industry considers not “normal” or not “valued”. And that’s exactly the opposite of how I want to feel.

My goal in creating LNO STUDIO was to make women feel valued when they go shopping regardless of their size, shape or stature. 

You might be wondering why not just create a clothing line for petite, pear shaped women? While there were points in time where I considered going this direction, I also felt this inexplicable desire to make clothes for all women. I think it came from the realization that it was not just us petite pears that experienced that often experienced the frustration of struggling to find clothes that fit. While the pear struggle (as y’all are well aware) is real, so is the struggle for women with different body types.

The struggle of shopping aside — LNO STUDIO is also about making styles accessible regardless of a woman’s body type. Over the last four years, my blog has been largely focused on what are the best silhouettes for pear shaped women. Most of the time I was just making do with what was on the market, but I want to push beyond that. There are some clothing styles I never wear that I would actually love to wear, but they are generally not designed for my body type. However, they should totally be designed for my body type…just saying ;)

Take a second and think about a style that you love and wish you could wear, but you find it’s usually not made for your shape? Regardless of your body type, I’m sure you have an answer to this question.

As a petite pear, I can find ponte leggings or stretchy work pants all day, but finding pants or trousers that actually fit me is a lot tougher. I realized that I pretty much only wear jeans in the pants department because they have enough spandex. However, this is still a version of settling. 

Settling for the fact that the fashion industry doesn’t necessarily design with my shape in my mind let alone my stature.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to live my whole life feeling like there are some clothing styles that are “off limits” or that I have to “settle” with what I’m wearing.

So it should come as a surprise that one of the core values of LNO STUDIO is nothing is off limits. We want women to feel like they have access to silhouettes and styles they love regardless of their body type. When I was growing up, my mom always said fashion was made for tall, skinny people, but I want to challenge the status quo and fight for better shopping experience for more women. 

Beyond style, I’ve also noticed that quality over quantity has become increasingly important to me. When I started this blog, it was all about how to wear the latest trends. This often meant I was shopping at fast fashion fashion retailers, which meant that my clothes quickly wore out. Confession, I’m actually kind of lazy when it comes to shopping and don’t like to worry about replacing my clothes constantly. Additionally, I realized that I’m not trendiest person nor do I really want to be. I’m most content when I find styles I love that will last me multiple seasons.

In addition to having pieces last me more than one season, I’m a big believer in clothes that allow for self expression. Ones that serve as a blank canvas so that you can style them to your hearts content. My biggest pet peeve is when clothes are “over designed”. Therefore, my goal with LNO STUDIO is to create styles that have the ability to be styled multiple ways. 

The final value LNO STUDIO stands for is equality. When I finally became an assistant buyer at Macy’s, I got to work in my dream category — petite clothing! I was so excited! The Petites buying offices were part of the “Special Sizes” division along with Plus size clothing. In my books, it’s a serious misnomer. Especially when you consider the fact that nearly 50% the population is under 5’ 4’’ (aka petite) and 70% wears a size 14 and above (aka plus). So why are we always put in the corner (literally and figuratively) by fashion brand and stores? Here at LNO STUDIO, we don’t stand for that and strive for equal representation across our imagery and ensure the same pricing for clothes regardless of what size you wear.

If you’ve read this whole post, you probably can tell that the brand really has become infused with my own personal sense of style and the experiences I’ve had as a petite woman in the fashion industry. 

It’s a huge milestone for me because a year ago I seriously doubted that I would get to this point. However this journey has taught me to have faith and trust the universe a little bit more. 

If the LNO STUDIO brand resonates with you, I hope you’ll contribute to our campaign on iFundWomen! We have lots of different rewards ranging from tote bags to pre-ordering a pair of our pants. So whatever your budget — we wanted to create a reward that would work for you.