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Everlane’s had tons of new product launches this summer so I thought it was only fitting to write a review on which ones I found to be the most petite friendly! This year, they really upped their jumpsuit game so those were the styles that I was most excited to try. Keep reading to find out which styles worked best for me :)




Bust = 33’’

Waist = 27.5’’

Stomach = 31’’

Hip = 38.5’’

Thigh = 22’’

Calf = 12.25’’

Inseam = 27’’

Bicep = 9.5’’


Everlane The Cotton Weave Picnic Dress - Size 6

What I loved…

  • Length - While this dress is meant to be a knee length for the rest of the world, for us petites it’s a midi length which I kind of love! 

  • Defined waist - For those who’ve followed my blog for a long time know the I’m a huge fan of tops and dresses that highlight my waist. As a pear shaped lady, I like styles that highlight the narrowness of my waist relative to my hips. 

What could have been better…

  • Straps too long - Since I have such a short torso, this is an issue I frequently encounter when wearing dresses. 

  • Slightly big in bust - This dress was slightly big on me in the chest area. Therefore, I’d recommend ordering one size down to solve this issue!

Garment measurements:

Body Length = 45.5’’

Bust = 34.5’’

Hip = 43.75’’

Bottom opening = 56’’

Verdict: Buy, but order your normal size and one size down! 


Everlane The Japanese GoWeave Essential Jumpsuit - Size Small

What I loved…

  • Style - This style has my name written all over it so I was super excited to try it. Between the v-neckline and tie waistband, it looked perfect. (And like another jumpsuit I own!)

What could have been better…

  • Crotch was too low - Sadly, as much I loved this jumpsuit it didn’t work for me. The crotch was sitting a good 2-3 inches below where it should have, which felt uncomfortable and awkward.

  • Straps too long - No surprise here due to my short torso! I think because the straps were too long it resulted in the crotch being too low as well. 

  • Bust too big - If you do end up ordering this style, I’d recommend ordering your normal size and one size down. 

Garment measurements:

Bust = 37’’

Waist = 36.5’’

Hip = 42’’

Thigh = 26.625’’

Inseam = 24.75’’

Verdict: Don’t buy! 


Everlane The Luxe Cotton Jumpsuit - Size S

What I loved…

Super comfy fabric - Just like the name suggests, the fabric of this jumpsuit feels super soft and luxurious! 

What could have been better…

Crotch was too low - Same deal as the GoWeave Jumpsuit - the crotch sat 2-3 inches below where it should have. This fit issue seemed to be due to the straps being too long for me. While the straps were too long, overall the bust area fit much better than the GoWeave. 

Garment measurements:

Bust = 34’’

Torso Length = 31.5’’

Hip = 39.5’’

Thigh = 26.25’’

Inseam = 22’’

Verdict: Don’t buy!


Everlane The Japanese GoWeave V-Neck Cami - Size 6

What I loved…

  • Petite-friendly - The length of this tank was just right for my short torso! (Body length = 22.25’’)

  • Adjustable straps - As I’ve mentioned a couple times how in this review, I often find the straps for tops and dresses are too long for me. Therefore, I was super happy this tank had adjustable straps! Such a game changer!

What could have been better…

  • Slightly big in armpits - This tank was a bit big in the armpit area on me. I think I probably needed to go one size down to fix this issue.

Garment measurements:

Body length = 22.25’’

Bust = 36.25’’

Bottom opening = 41.5’’

Verdict: Buy, but order normal size and one size down! 


Everlane The Japanese GoWeave Swing Skirt - Size 6

What I loved…

  • Length - Even though this skirt was not a petite size, the length worked well for me and the shortie that I am! 

What could have been better…

  • Too big in waist - Since this skirt was big in the waist on me, it sat lower on my hips than where it should have. I think that I need to go one size down.

  • Drape - I wasn’t a fan of how this skirt draped. The shape of it looked very triangular and I wish it was a bit more flow-y at the sides. 

Garment measurements: 

Length = 25.125’’

Waist = 30.25’’

Hip = 40.25’’

Verdict: Don’t buy.


Everlane The Easy Chino Short - Size 6

What I loved…

  • Elastic waistband - No waist gap problems here! Elastic waistband for the win!

  • Comfy - These shorts are super comfortable and the perfect option for a casual weekend look!

  • Fabric - I was excited that they made these out of chino fabric as opposed to a flow-y fabric (which seems to be more common). They’re a nice alternative. 

Garment measurements:

Waist = 28’’

Hip = 42.5’’

Front rise = 11.125’’

Leg opening = 25.75’’

Inseam = 3.5’’

Verdict: Buy!


Everlane The Long Sleeve V-Neck Bodysuit - Size S

What I loved…

  • Back in stock - After selling out super quickly last Fall, Everlane has finally restocked their body suits!

  • Sleeve length just right - Omg! The sleeve length was perfect, which is such a rarity for me.

  • Super comfy - The fabric of this body suit was incredibly soft. Also I found it had plenty of stretch and was very comfortable.

  • Amazing value - For just $35, Everlane’s body suits are an amazing deal, especially since they’re made out of Supima cotton!

Garment measurements:

Front body length = 25.38’’

Chest = 29.5’’

Bicep = 10.5’’

Sleeve length = 29.38’’

Verdict: Buy!