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I'm so happy that Everlane finally opened up a store in NYC! Now I no longer have to deal with the hassle of buying online and then returning things later. In light of their store opening, I decided to write a fit review for their most recent product launches: denim shorts, $100 wrap dresses and white denim pants. Some of my readers asked for me to show pictures of me wearing the items in addition to writing reviews, so I'm excited to share in this post that I'm doing just that. (Always feel free to send suggestions because it helps me improve my website!)



Bust = 33’’

Waist = 27.5’’

Stomach = 31’’

Hip = 38.5’’

Thigh = 22’’

Calf = 12.25’’

Inseam = 27’’

Bicep = 9.5’’


Everlane Denim Short - Size 27

What I loved…

  • Fit - All I can say is - WOW! When I put these shorts on, they fit perfectly. It is a rare event that I as a pear-shaped lady that I can put on a pair of shorts and not have gapping at the back of the waistband. Honestly, I have no complaints about these shorts!

  • Fabric - Loved the soft feel of these shorts! I think the fabric they use for their shorts feels much better than their long denim.


Garment measurements:

Waist = 30.75’’

Front rise = 10.25’’

Low hip = 40’’

Thigh = 24.38’’

Leg opening = 23.13’’

Inseam = 3.5’’

Verdict: Buy!



Everlane Clean Cotton A-Line Skirt - Size M

What I loved…

  • Silhouette - A-line is one of my go to silhouettes because it compliments my body shape by highlighting the narrowness of my waist relative to my hips. It’s a great staple for any wardrobe.

  • Color - Love the bright blue color! It makes your outfit pop.

What could be better…

  • Length - Unfortunately, this skirt was not very petite-friendly. It was longer than what I’d consider a normal midi-length, but wasn’t quite a maxi skirt either. Since it was a weird length, I wouldn’t recommend if you’re shorter.

Garment measurements:

Waist = 28’’

Length = 28.25’’

Bottom Opening = 75.5’’

Verdict: Do not buy if you’re short, but totally fine to get if you’re taller and pear-shaped. 


Everlane Denim Skirt - Size 27 

What I loved…

  • Silhouette - I love the A-line shape of this skirt because it’s simple and classic.

  • Length - Overall the length was petite friendly so I give it a thumbs up from this perspective. (Length measurement = 17.25'')

What could be better…

  • Too tight in the hips - I tried on both the Size 27 and Size 28 of this skirt, however the Size 28 was too big in the waist so I decided to size down. I had to do a serious dance to even get the smaller size of this skirt on (Low hip measurement = 37.5’’). Just for reference, the denim shorts that actually fit me had a low hip measurement of 40’’ so this skirt was much smaller. Once, I got the skirt on it fit mostly as I wanted, but was still a little big in the waist (Waist measurement = 30’’). I probably would need a 28’’ or 29’’ waist measurement so it wouldn’t be as big.


Garment measurements:

Waist = 30’’

Low hip = 37.5’’

Length = 17.25’’

Bottom opening = 40.75’’


Verdict: Don’t buy, shop around.


Everlane Modern Boyfriend Jean - Size 27

What I loved…

  • Length - Even though the jeans are not available in a petite size, I still found that they were petite friendly because they have a shorter inseam length (Inseam length = 27.5’’) than you typically find in regular sizing.

  • High Rise - As I've mentioned in prior posts, I love wearing high-waisted denim because it highlights my curves.

What could be better…

  • A little baggy - These jeans were a little big in the waist for me, so I would most likely would need to wear them with a belt. Since they were slightly big in the waist, I noticed the jeans were bunching at the backs of my knees slightly.


Garment measurements:

Waist = 31’’

Front rise = 10’’

Low hip = 38.25’’

Thigh = 21.38’’

Calf = 14.38’’

Inseam = 27.5’’


Verdict: Buy, but would also shop around. Also recommend sizing down.


Everlane Japanese GoWeave Tank Wrap Dress - Size 4 and Everlane Japanese GoWeave Short-Sleeve Wrap Dress - Size 6

What I loved…

  • Wrap Style - This is one of my favorite silhouettes because it looks elegant and sophisticated yet is incredibly comfortable. Also I love how it highlights my waist and shows off my pear-shape.

  • V-neckline - As a gal with a small bust, I love this neckline because it accentuates what I do have.

  • Fabric - The fabric feels amazing! It’s a little on the heavier side, so it could be hot sometimes in the summer.

What could be better…

  • Length - This is supposed to be a midi length dress, but it’s a maxi dress on me :) Even though it’s longer than it should be, I think it still works for petites.

  • Too roomy in the bust - I ran into a classic pear problem with this dress it fits well around my hips and thighs, but it’s too big in the chest area. This often happens to me when I shop for clothes because my hips are wider than my upper body and chest.



Everlane Japanese GoWeave Tank Wrap Dress - Size 4

Garment measurements:

Front body length = 43.25’’

Back body length = 41.38’’

Chest = 36.5’’

Waist = 39.5’’

Low hip = 42.75’’

Bottom opening = 40.75’’



Everlane Japanese GoWeave Short-Sleeve Wrap Dress - Size 6

Garment measurements:

Front body length = 47’’

Back body length = 46.5’’

Chest = 40.75’’

Waist = 38.88’’

Low Hip = 43.25’’

Bottom opening = 44.5’’

Sleeve opening = 8.38’’


Verdict: Buy, but would shop around.