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Style Cliff Notes

Dress - H&M (link to similar)

Shoes - Converse

Sunglasses - Aldo (link to similar)

Bag - Calvin Klein (link to similar)

Thigh Band - Bandelettes


Better late than never with this post :)


Back in May, I attended the Bandelettes Spring Party. Prior to going, I had never heard of the brand before but decided it was worth going to check out their products.  If you aren’t familiar with Bandelettes, they make thigh bands that are designed to prevent chafing when you’re wearing skirts or dresses.

My favorite part of the evening was listening to the founders, Rena and Julia, tell the story of how and why they started the brand. It was so inspiring to hear about their journey because they ha to overcome numerous obstacles in starting their company. Not only are they two female entrepreneurs, but they are also originally from Azerbaijan, a country in Eastern Europe. Despite the challenges, ultimately they were dedicated to executing their business idea because they knew many women suffered from the issue of thigh chafing.

One of the highlights from the party was having one of the founders herself fit me for a pair of Bandelettes. Using a measuring tape, she measured the circumference of the widest part of my thigh and recommended I wear a size B. Last month, I finally tried out the pair of thigh bands I was gifted. I was really surprised by how well they stay in place. Even after wearing them for several hours, they did not slide down or move around. The reason they are so secure is because they have two strips of non-slip silicone, one on the top and one on the bottom of the band, holding them in place. It was also amazing how comfortable they were - I almost forgot that I was wearing them!

The only real frustration I had with Bandelettes is that when I wear them with shorter dresses and skirts, I could feel them sticking out. For example, when I sat down and crossed my legs, they would peek out from underneath my skirt a little bit (which you can see in the third photo above). The ones they sent me were white lace, which kind of reminded me of a wedding garter. If I get another pair, I would prefer wearing the solid black version since they look more like compression shorts and are more my style. Overall, I think Bandelettes are better suited to being worn under longer dresses and skirts (e.g. midis or maxis).

If you’ve suffered from the issue of thigh chafing before like me, then I definitely think their brand is worth a try. You can learn more about how to measure yourself for Bandelettes here or check out all the styles they have available on their website. This post is not sponsored - I just really think their products fill a need in the market so I wanted to share. Let me know in the comments below if this review was help or if you have tried out similar products before.