I'm Kristin! A short & curvy girl seeking clothes that fit. Originally from the South, I'm now taking on NYC! My blog is dedicated to providing style and fit guides for petite-pear shaped women.




Style Cliff Notes

Top - H&M

Jeans - Levi’s

Shoes - H&M

Sunglasses- Aldo (link to similar)

Bag - Calvin Klein (link to similar)


Extended Style Notes

H&M Striped Wrap Tie Blouse - Size 4

What I loved...

  • Wrap Style  - I fell in love with this blouse when laid eyes on it. Even though I have a similar style in my closet already, I had to have it. This style is a great wardrobe staple for pear-shaped women because it highlights the waist, which is the narrowest part of this body type. The wrap design complements our curves well!

  • Cropped Length  - Y’all know that I can’t resist a good crop top! Since I have a short torso, cropped styles fit more like a regular length top on me. I instantly knew this top would pair nicely with high waisted denim.

  • V-neckline - The neckline of this top looks so elegant and can quickly dress up any pair of jeans.


What could be better…

  • Tight in forearms  - I found this top a little tight around my forearms. I went a size up so this top wouldn’t feel as snug around my arms.

  • Roomy in bust -  Ran into a classic pear problem with this top - it was too big in the chest area. I tried wrapping the fabric around me more tightly to counteract this. Although it was still a little roomy, it wasn’t too noticeable.


Garment measurements:

Center front = 19.25''

Bust = 33''

Center back =18''


Levi’s Mile High Rise Super Skinny Jeans – Size 28 x 30

What I loved…

  • Extra high-waisted - These are by far the highest rise jeans I own and I kinda love it! To give you a reference point, generally high-waisted jeans have a front rise measurement of 10’’, but these jeans have a front rise measurement of 11’’. Let back it up a little because you might be wondering - what is a front rise measurement? The front rise measurement is the distance from the top of the waistband to the crotch seam. (If you’re interested in learning most about how to measure denim, I recommend this guide here.) The reason I love wearing high-waisted jeans is because they flatter my pear-shaped figure. Generally when I try on either low-rise or mid-rise jeans, I find that by the time I find a pair of jeans that is able to fit over my hips and butt then they are way too loose around my waist. And I’m left with an unfortunate waist gap. Therefore, I find high-rise denim is a great option for pear-shaped women because the jeans are designed to hug your waist so you aren't left with a waist gap. I love how these jeans highlight my curves and also make me feel comfortable because I’m not worried about them falling down.  
  • Sizing scale - What I love about Levi’s jeans is that they use a men’s sizing scale. This gives you so many more options to choose from compared to most size scales for women's jeans. This is how men's sizing works if you are not already familiar: the first number listed is the waist measurement and the second number listed is the inseam (or length measurement). The jeans I’m wearing are a Size 28 x 30 so the waist measurement is 28’’ and the inseam (length) measurement is 30’’. Typically Levi’s offers women's waist sizes from 24’’ – 34’’ and inseam lengths of 28’’, 30’’, 32’’ and 34’’, which gives you more flexibility to find one that will work well for your body type. I’ll be honest these jeans are a little bit too long for me since I bought a 30’’ inseam, but this pair was the only size I could find in the store.  I would have preferred to buy a 28’’ inseam jean, but it’s typically harder to find this length in physical stores. When it comes to finding jeans that aren’t too long if you’re petite, I would recommend either a 28’’ inseam or 30’’ inseam because these should work for most people. (However, if you’re under 5 feet you might need a 26’’ inseam, but unfortunately Levi's doesn't offer this length. J. Crew is another great resource for petite jeans as well. Here's a link to their high-rise jean, which has a 26'' inseam.)


Garment measurements:

Waist = 28''

Rise = 11.25''

Inseam = 30''