I'm Kristin! A short & curvy girl seeking clothes that fit. Originally from the South, I'm now taking on NYC! My blog is dedicated to providing style and fit guides for petite-pear shaped women.




I love the aesthetic of Everlane, but sometimes I hesitate to order from them because the don't carry petite sizing. Since I have never tried their winter clothing before, I ordered several different styles so I could review how they fit. In this post I'm sharing my thoughts on the five styles I tried on, ranging from sweaters to pants.


The E2 Collection Bomber Jacket - Size S

What I loved…

  • Length - This jacket is a nice length, especially if you are petite. It doesn't hang down too long. (Front Body Length = 23.75’’)


What could be better...

  • Too Boxy - I didn’t like how bulky this jacket made me look. Usually, when I shop for bomber jackets my preference is to find ones that are more fitted since this silhouette can easily overwhelm my frame.

  • Tight Through Shoulders - This jacket did not fit quite right in the shoulders. When I did the hold-my-arms-out-in-front-of-me test, I noticed the shoulders were a little tight on me.


Garment measurements:

Center Front = 23.75’’

Chest = 40.5’’

Bottom sweep = 36’’

Shoulder width - 15.5’’

Sleeve length = 32’’



The Wool Cashmere Square Crew Sweater - Size S

What I loved…

  • Cropped length - The main reason I ordered this sweater was because it looked like a cropped style sweater. Since I have a short torso, I prefer cropped tops or sweaters because they are not too long on me. (Center front = 20.5’’)


What could be better…

  • Too Boxy - While this sweater doesn’t appear to be that boxy, I really noticed this when I tried it on. Similar to the bomber, it made me look a little bulkier than I wanted.

  • Sleeves Too Long - The sleeves on this sweater were a little long for my taste. If you look at the image from their website, you’ll notice that seems to be the intended style. (Sleeve length = 30.63’’)

Garment measurements:

Front Body Length = 20.5’’

Chest = 40.5''

Bottom Sweept = 23.5’’

Sleeve length = 30.63’’

Sleeve width = 6.88’’    


The E2 Japanese GoWeave Pant - Size 6

What I loved…

  • Petite friendly length - These pants were just the right length for me, which made me happy. My guess is that they are intended to be more of a cropped length for taller people, but as a petite girl they are just the right pant length for me. (Inseam = 26.75’’)

  • High waisted - You guys know by now that I cannot stay away from high-waisted pants, and this is another great pair. I like this style of pants because it hugs my waist, and doesn’t leave a waist gap (which is a common problem I encounter with my pear-shaped figure).

  • Curve friendly - These pants were not too tight through the hips or butt, which I appreciated because this can be hard to find with my body type. I really love the silhouette of these pants because they highlight my pear-shaped figure.



Garment measurements:

Waist = 28.5’’

Front rise = 11.25''

Low hip = 42.875’’

Thigh = 26’’

Leg opening = 10.5’’

Inseam = 26.75’’


The Ribbed Wool Cashmere Crew - Size S

What I loved…

  • Side Slits - I cannot tell you how much I love sweaters with this feature! Side slits are great if you are curvy like me because they prevent the sweater from being to snug around the hips, which is my number one pain point with sweaters.

  • Perfect length - I found this sweater also very petite friendly because it’s not too long for my short torso. (Center front = 23.25’’)


What could be better…

  • Sleeves Too Long - Similar to the other sweater I ordered the sleeves are too long, but most likely this is because it's not a petite size. Don’t worry though it’s very easy to fold the excess part of the sleeve up and it easily looks like the intended design. (Sleeve length = 31.75’’)


Garment measurements:

Center front = 23.25’’

Chest = 38''

Bottom sweep = 18.63’’

Sleeve width = 5.63’’’

Sleeve length = 31.75’’


The Street Fleece Pant - Size S

What I loved…

  • Great length - Similar to other pants I ordered, these joggers are a nice length for short gals because there's not excess fabric bunching up around the ankles. Generally I like to wear pants with a 28’’ inseam. (Inseam = 27.75’’)

  • So comfy - The fabric of these pants feels incredible...so soft!! Seriously these are the ultimate lounge pants!

  • High-rise - These pants are also high-waisted and fit snuggly around my waist. (Front rise = 11’’)


What could be better…

  • Tight in hip area - For some reason, these pants are a little bit tight through the crotch and hips on me. It was a little annoying when I tried them on briefly and it might be more so with extended wear.


Garment measurements:

Waist = 29’’

Front Rise = 11’’

Back Rise = 15.25’’

Inseam = 27.75’’

Leg Width = 5.25’’

Calf = 7.63'’