I'm Kristin! A short & curvy girl seeking clothes that fit. Originally from the South, I'm now taking on NYC! My blog is dedicated to providing style and fit guides for petite-pear shaped women.




Recently, I ordered some new clothes from Everlane because I have never tried out their spring and summer clothing before. I ordered 4 different styles - a dress, a tank top, a T-shirt, and shorts. See my thoughts below! 

Here’s what I ordered…

1. The High Waisted Short - Size 4

As soon as I saw these shorts on the Everlane website, I got really excited because high-waisted bottom are one of the tried and true silhouettes that almost always fits my body type.

What worked…

  • Spacious leg opening - One of the biggest challenges I have when shopping for shorts is finding ones that fit my thighs. I appreciated that these shorts had a generous leg opening and did not feel restrictive. (Leg opening = 25’’).

What could be better…

  • Fit through hips, but too loose around waist - This is a common problem I have a petite pear because as soon as I find a pair of shorts that fit my waist, then they are too big around my waist. (Waist = 32’’) According to the Everlane website these shorts are supposed to sit higher on the waist, which means it’s not surprising they are too big in the waist on me since I generally wear 28 or 29 waist for jeans.

  • Slanted pockets - As a gal with curvy hips, I’m not a fan of slanted pockets because they generally pucker out and make your hips look wider.

  • Fabric bunches - Since these shorts are too big in the waist they don’t sit properly and therefore I experienced that awkward bunching around the crotch.


Garment measurements:

Waist = 32''

Front rise = 10.5''

Leg opening = 24.5''

Inseam = 4''

Note:  I also tried on a size 6, but I found it was too big in both the waist and hips.


2. The Slik Tank - Size S

What I loved…

  • Hi-lo hemline - As a girl with a short torso, I always love a good hi-lo hemline because it’s not too long in front. (Center front including neckline drop = 22.5'')

  • Flattering silhouette - When I ordered this tank top I thought it might be too overwhelming for my frame because it a lot of fabric in the pictures online. I found that the way this style is cut the extra fabric drapes very nicely and look slimming.

  • Comfortable - I loved the flowy feel of this tank it’s very wearable piece.


Garment measurements:

Bust = 36''

Front neckline drop = 5''

Center front = 17.5’’

Center back = 25''


3. The Cotton U-Neck Tee - Size XS

What I loved…

  • Not too long - I appreciated that even though this T-shirt is not made for petites, it doesn’t hang down too far around my hips, which is a common problem for me. (Center front including neckline drop = 21.75'')

  • Soft fabric - Made from cotton; this T-shirt is incredibly comfortable!

What could be better…

  • U-neckline - I was personally not a fan on this neckline even though I thought I would be since I usually love V-neck shirts it seemed like it would be an easy way to mix things up.

  • Slightly snug around hips - I found that this T-shirt hugs my hips a little bit which I did not like because it makes the T-shirt look baggy around my stomach area.


Garment measurements:

Front neckline drop = 6.25''

Center front = 15.5''

Center back = 24''

Bust = 36''

Sleeve opening = 6''


4. The Silk Short Sleeve Dress - Size XS

Last fall I tried on their silk tank dress, but not a fan because it was too much fabric and overwhelmed my short frame. I was pleasantly surprised that this dress fit so well.

What I loved…

  • Hi/lo hemline - The hemline of this dress fell exactly where I wanted it to - a couple of inches above my knee. A hi/lo hemline is great feature for us short gals because it creates the illusion the dress is not too long, well at least from the front side! (Center front = 29’’)

  • Silhouette - As a petite pear, I generally go for silhouettes that cinch in around my waist rather than silhouettes that are cut more straight, however I found this style flattering. I felt it complemented my curves rather than making my hips look larger as I expected.



Center front (from neckline) = 29''

Front neckline drop = 2.5''

Center back = 35.5''

Bust = 38''

Waist = 36’'

Sleeve opening = 7''