I'm Kristin! A short & curvy girl seeking clothes that fit. Originally from the South, I'm now taking on NYC! My blog is dedicated to providing style and fit guides for petite-pear shaped women.



When I heard that the Reformation came out with a petites line earlier this year, I got really excited because I think their clothes and mission are so cool! For a long time, I have been looking forward to trying out some of their styles. Everything on their site is so cool! It seems like it has only been over the past couple of years or so that more retailers that gear towards a younger audience have started carrying petites lines – such as Topshop, Anthropologie and most recently MissGuided.

I have major respect for any retailer that tries to cater to special sizes because it’s no easy task. That being said, I think that the Reformation has made solid initial attempt at reaching the petite customer. They really captured the essence of how the petite customer feels through the title of their collection “Don’t Call Me Cute”.  In the future, I hope to see more than just dresses and skirts in their petite collection. If they had some jackets and pants, I’d be very happy. But enough about my opinions already…

Here’s what I ordered…

1.)    Potion Top – Size M

What worked...

  • V-neck wrap style - One of my go-to styles.

What didn’t work…

  • Too loose in the bust – I got a size medium of this top because I was worried that the arms hole would be too tight around my athletic arms. However, going a size up meant that the bust was too loose on me.

  • Too long – I also think that going up to the medium size made this top slightly too long on me so it wasn’t really a crop top anymore.

  • See through - Loved how the white top looked with the shorts in the picture, but it was a little thinner than I would liked the top to be.


Garment measurements (Size S):

Length: 14.5"

Bust: 7.75" (one side)


2.)    Cali Dress – Size S

What worked…

  • Ribbed knit turtleneck – just wait ‘til next week. You’ll see how much I’m digging the turtlenecks.

What didn’t work…

  • Straight body style - Even though the body of this dress is pretty much straight, I thought because of the loose, relaxed fit it might be more forgiving than a shift dress. However, I found that it made me look very frumpy.

  • Armpit holes – I wish that these were slightly less revealing. It was ok for the weekend, but I’m always looking for clothes that are good for the office so this


Garment measurements:

Front Body Length = 32’’

Bust = 35’’

Waist = 36.5’’


3.)    Maddox Skirt – Size S

 This one worked well for me. So stay tuned for all the details :)