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I can still remember my first experience going shopping for a grown-up blazer. It was with my mom at Jack Wills in Georgetown. If you guys don’t remember Jack Wills is basically the UK version of Abercrombie except it was a bit more expensive and carried some more formal clothes. When I was in college, I thought their tweed blazers looked cool and I had been eyeing them for some time. While I remember loving how the blazer looked, I also remember the sleeves being way to long for me. So I used to fold them under so they weren’t swallowing my hands. However, it just made the sleeves look bulky and awkward because I was folding the buttons on the sleeves under. After a few years, I eventually got rid of the blazer (sorry mom if you’re reading this) because I didn’t feel 100% comfortable when wearing it. 

Over time, I’ve noticed this has been a constant theme in deciding what stays and goes from my wardrobe. If I don’t 100% love the fit, I inevitably get rid of it because I don’t feel as confident wearing it. I’m constantly fidgeting and adjusting since the improper fit annoys me. 

I have to admit blazers are definitely a category that I don’t shop for often and I think it stems from the fact that I’ve struggled to find ones that fit me and look cool at the same time! (However, I’m happy to report that I’ve found some great petite & pear friendly options that I’m sharing in today’s post.) 

As I evaluated the fit of the blazers I reviewed for this post, I kept this lesson I learned in mind. What I focused on was finding options that were comfortable, well tailored to my body type, and looked chic. Additionally, I biased towards finding options that require no alterations to avoid spending more on top of the clothing cost. Keep on reading for all the styles I recommend :) 


It’s officially starting to feel like winter in New York. Just this week we’ve had some days in 30s. Eeek and today they are calling for snow! One of my fellow readers recently DM’ed me asking where to shop for winter coats so I’m sharing reviews of coats I tried from Express, Anne Klein, J. Crew, Lauren Ralph Lauren and a few other brands.

What makes coat shopping difficult for me is finding a coat that doesn’t overwhelm my height and one where the sleeves aren’t too long. When it comes to coat shopping, if you’re under 5’ 4’’ I definitely recommend buying a petite size because the proportions of the jacket will be better suited to your frame and hopefully you can avoid having to get the item tailored. Thankfully, I found a good amount of petite options out there so keep reading to see what I found :)